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How to choose a good architect

Have you decided to hire an architect or work with one yet have no idea on architecture staff? You should worry no more. The article gives the best key points to be considered before selecting an architect to carry on with your project. What should be known by every individual is that before going to hire one you need to know if the person you are hiring will meet your needs and secondly where and how to find the best to suit your tasks. However apart from the basic knowledge, here are the key points to consider when selecting a good architect;


In anything covered, intensive research always yields the best results. This is also the case with identification and selection of a good architect. For instance one wants to build a house, he/she needs to look for an architect that has specialized in residential design. The fact is that all architects are not good in all sectors of architecture. Therefore it is advisable for one to stay away from such architects who are trying to be all round to their clients.

Previous works

This will show you the architect ability to carry on your task. If the architect designed a modern home that doesn’t mean he/she can’t provide it for you. All these depends on the client’s request. If the architect seems to be doing only homes and maybe you want to design a hospital that means he is not the right person to architect for you.

Requirements for working with the architect

You need to know whether the architect does monthly bill or after the end of the project, the kind of contract they do sign if they do renovations and finally if they primarily work within your area. If not sure with the information, one should enquire from the architect himself for earlier preparations.

Ask for referrals

Working with an unknown person can be a challenge to many. Therefore it is advisable for you to consult the previous clients how the experience was working the architect. Some of the questions that can be asked include; whether the architect followed up the project from design to completion or they handed it over to the contractor?

Set up a meeting

By setting up a meeting will give you a chance to introduce yourself and get to know which people would form part of the team. This is the time some personal information might be shared so it would be advisable for one to select an architect he/she would feel comfortable working with. Chicago residential architect could be what you are looking for to have a successful project.